I’m a 3D artist with a passion for hard-surface and environment modeling based in Berlin, Germany, and have been creating game assets for nearly a decade now.
After noticing that one of my favorite mods, Fortress Forever, was lacking a few viewmodel animations for weapons,
I downloaded the “XSI Modtool” (Softimage) and started diving into the world of game art.
Shortly afterwards, in 2008, I was invited to join their team, and started creating assets as needed. After doing this for a while and having a blast,
I made the choice to actively pursue a career in games development and signed up for the Games Academy’s Art and Animation course in 2010,
with the obvious aim of landing a job in the industry after my graduation.



  • High- and lowpoly modeling to AAA industry standards
  • Efficiency in UV mapping and scene optimization
  • Texturing and material creation
  • Self-motivated and hard working
  • Ability to work well with Leads/Directors as well as team-mates in order to attain common goals
  • Interest in new pipelines and workflows
  • Sufficient grasp of underlying technical constraints and possibilities of current game engines
  • Work the full pipeline, from high-res mesh to LOD’s, collision hulls, lightmap UV’s, etc



  • 3D Studio Max [***]
  • Substance Designer/Painter [**]
  • Photoshop [***]
  • ZBrush [**]
  • After Effects [**]
  • Maya [*]
  • Mudbox [**]
  • Softimage/XSI [**]
  • DDo/Ndo/Crazybump/xNormal

I’ve worked with Unreal Engine, CryEngine 3, and Unity. I also dabble in Maxscript, though I have yet to reach a skill level I am happy with.
Throughout the various projects I’ve been part of, Perforce, SVN, and Git versioning tools were used, and I am familiar with management software such as Kanban/Trello or Hansoft.


Language Proficiency:

  • German (native)
  • English (near-native)
  • French (intermediate)
  • Spanish (basic)


Development Experience:

In-house Work:

Promotion Software / Sixteen Ton Games (Aug. ’13 – Oct. ’14)

Mostly worked on Emergency 5, one of a popular series of German RTS games in which one coordinates security/emergency services during natural disasters etc.
I was responsible for a range of tasks, mainly modeling assets, prepping for and working with outside animators, fixing up and integrating outsourced assets, rendering promotional material, even a little planning of other artist’s efforts on the project-management side of things.

Freelance Work:

VR Stasi Interrogation Prototype (Jul. ’16 – Aug. ’16, Dec. ’17 – Feb. ’17)

Prototype combining real interrogation soundtracks with CG imagery. Produced with Deutschlandradio, VRagments,

VR Project “Stadtmitte” (May ’16)

Built a VR version of a central subway station for Berlin’s “Night of the Sciences”, produced by VRagments and Technologiestiftung Berlin

VR A100 (Dec. ’15 – Jun. ’16)

Visualization of planned highway construction, and the effects on local community. In cooperation with local news/broadcasting company RBB (and others).

Leapmotion VR Jam (Nov. ’15)

VR-BER Prototype (Mar. ’15 – Jun. ’15)

Visualizing Berlin’s yet-to-be-completed airport and the construction problems surrounding it.

Prototype “Station Berlin” (Jul. ’13)

Working on browser-based visualization of WiFi logins throughout that year’s Re:Publica convention.

Unannounced Mobile Game (Mar. ’13 )

Worked on Highpoly renders and animations for BAM27.

ReQu Browser Racing Game (Oct. ’12)

Created Assets for a browsergame using Away3D framework.

Other projects will be updated here as soon as NDAs are lifted. For personal or smaller projects, do take a look at my portfolio.


Over the course of my studies at Games Academy, I’ve had the opportunity of participating in a few very interesting semester projects, namely:

Meteör (2011 – 2012)

Meteör is a 3d person coop multiplayer game for up to 4 players, realized with the Unreal Development Kit. Here’s our facebook page.
I created various environment assets as well as the player’s weapon, and worked on shaders and optimization.

Aftermath (2011)

Aftermath was an (overly?) ambitious student project inspired by classic three-dimensional spaceship shooter Descent, realised on Cryengine3 Beta,
which we had access to at Games Academy.
Unfortunately, due to time constraints and several programming roadblocks we stumbled into, it never got finished to our satisfaction.
I created one of the two fighter planes, assets for our variable weapon loadouts, and various buildings in our city.

Crazy Cow (2010)

“Crazy Cow” was our first student project, a fairly simple R-type clone featuring a methane-jet-propelled cow on a mission to liberate her cow brethren.
It was realized in the Unity engine.
I modeled various environment assets as well as creating and animating the final boss character. I also took care of various UI elements.

Fortress Forever

As mentioned earlier, I also participated in the mod Fortress Forever, taking care of anything from weapon modeling and animating, to environment assets and level textures.


Other than that..

Whenever I’m not sitting in front of a computer either working on game art or actually playing a game, I might be chasing a football of the American variety at Berlin Bears practice,
rolling around on my skateboard, or simply having a cold one with friends or family.

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